Create Trial Plan

To create your first trial plan, visit the Trial Plans section of the TryOnify app.

Admin Details

This is the way your Trial Plan will appear in the TryOnify app Admin. You can add a name and a description to help you remember the purpose of this Trial Plan in the event that you decide to create multiple Trial Plans.

Customer Details

This is the info your customer will see on the product page, the shopping cart, and the Shopify checkout. We highly recommend you be as descriptive as possible about your plan and include any details such as the trial length and any terms and conditions you may have.

Here are some screenshots of where this info will be shown:

The product page.

The mini cart.

The Shopify checkout.

Payment Terms

Pre-paid Amount (Deposits)

This is the "deposit" customers will pay up front PER ITEM to participate in your Free Trial Program. If you set this value to $10 and a customer adds two Free Trial Program items to their cart, they will get charged $20 up front, and the outstanding balance at the end of their trial.

As an alternative to deposits, consider using an authorization hold for the outstanding amount.

If a customer decides to return their trial product(s), it's entirely up to you if you'd like to keep or refund the deposit. However, if you decide to keep it, we highly recommend you are transparent with your free trial deposit refund policy to stay in good standing with Shopify.

Trial Length (Days)

This is the length of time your customer has to trial your product before they will get charged.

However it is important to note that the clock starts on the day they PURCHASED and not on the date the order is delivered. That is because many package carriers do not accurately update their order delivered event and that omission would cause missed payments.

Therefore, we recommend that you increase the trial length based on the upper end of your delivery window.

For example: If you average deliver time is 3-7 days and you want customers to get 14 days to trial your products, then we recommend you set your Trial Length to be 21 days.