Payment Authorization Holds

An authorization hold is a temporary "pre-authorization" of a credit or debit card for a set amount of funds. Adding an authorization hold almost guarantees you will receive your funds from the customer at the end of the trial.

By default, TryOnify does NOT place an authorization hold on the customer's credit card when they place an order. If you decide to turn this feature on, we recommend that you properly message to your customers that an authorization hold will be placed on their card.

A pending authorization hold may temporarily appear on the customer's credit card statement and some customers may be confused by this if they are unfamiliar with authorization holds. If not properly messaged, you may receive customer service questions about the holds.

How It Works

When a customer places a new TryOnify order, TryOnify immediately attempts to authorize the saved credit or debit card for the outstanding balance. If the authorization fails, the order is automatically cancelled and the customer is notified by the default Shopify order cancellation email.

How To Turn On Authorization Holds

Open the TryOnify app and navigate to the settings page in the left hand menu.

In the "Payments" section you should see a checkbox next to an option called "Authorize new orders." Simply check the box and hit save.

Rolling Authorizations

The initial authorization length will differ depending on the credit card used and which Shopify plan you are on. The initial authorization may be as short as 3-7 days while your trial may be longer than that. In order to bridge the window until the end of the trial, TryOnify gives the ability to re-authorize the card when the initial authorization is expiring. This can be toggled on and off for both Shopify Payments and PayPal individually.

PayPal authorizations last 3 days so re-authorizations will occur every three days on PayPal if PayPal re-authorizations are turned on.