Restrict Trials Via Customer Tags

Loyalty is becoming more and more important in e-commerce and a great way to reward your best customers is to give them a flexible payment option, reserved just for your trusted customers. This also protects your Try Before You Buy program from fraud by limiting it to only trusted repeat customers.

Setting up this restriction is simple. Just set a tag in the TryOnify settings, and then tag customers in Shopify with this tag. The TryOnify Free Trial widget will then only appear for customers who are logged in and have this tag.

Set Your Tag

Open the TryOnify app and go to settings. Under "Restrict trials to customers with allowed tags" choose the tag or tags you'd like to use for customers to trigger the Free Trial option.

Tag a Test Customer

To test, create an account on your store or find your existing account in the "Customers" section of the Shopify admin. Open the customer profile and add the tag you created in step 1.

NOTE: If you are currently logged in as the test customer, you may need to logout and then login to see the changes.

Create a Test Cart

While logged out, open the product page for a product that is eligible for Free Trial. The TryOnify product page widget should no longer be visible.

Next, login to the tagged customer account and navigate back to the same product page. The Free Trial widget should now be visible. If you are able to add a Free Trial item to the cart, everything is working correctly.

If you have any issues, please reach out to