Failed Payments

Occasionally, the system will attempt to charge a customer's credit card and the card will get declined. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Card has expired
  • Card has been cancelled by the customer
  • Insufficient funds available
  • Processing network error

In the TryOnify app there is a "Failed Payments" tab in the list of all orders. These are the orders that the automatic charging system was unable to capture payments from.

Periodically, you will need to check this list and attempt to capture these owed payments. You are welcome to develop your own process for this situation, but here is what we recommend:

Step 1: Attempt to Charge the Card Manually

In the event of a network error or insufficient funds, simply trying the card again may solve the problem. Open the order in the Shopify admin and click "Collect payment" button and choose to try the card again.

If the card is expired, this option will be grayed out.

Step 2: Send an Invoice

If manually charging the card is still unsuccessful, try sending an invoice to the customer. Find the order in Shopify and click the "Send invoice" button.

This button will send an email to the customer with a link to the Shopify checkout so they can enter a new valid payment method to pay for their order.

Follow up via email, phone, and letter if the invoice is not paid promptly.