Charging Orders

By default, all orders at the end of their trial will be charged automatically. There is nothing extra you will need to do to start charging.

However, we do offer the option to turn off automatic charging. With automatic charging turned off, it is up to your team to manually charge each order when its trial expires.

You may want to do this if you are experiencing large numbers of extreme shipping delays and want to avoid charging customers before they receive their orders.

Also, even with automatic charging on, you are welcome to charge the outstanding balance of an order early if the customer has indicated to you which items they are keeping.

Turning Off Automatic Charging

To turn off automatic charging, open the TryOnify app and click on "Settings" in the left hand menu.

In the "General" section you'll see a checkbox labeled "Allow automatic payments." Uncheck the box and click "Save."

In the "Orders" section of the TryOnify app, you can filter by "Payment Due" to see a list of orders ready for you to manually charge.

Click on the order and then click the "View Order" button in the top right to open the Shopify order details page for that order.

Manually Charging an Order

To manually charge an order, open the order in the Orders section of the Shopify admin. In the finances section, click on the green "Collect payment" button and you will see a list of options. Choose "Charge <card network> **** <last 4 digits of card>" and you'll get a confirmation popup to complete the charge.