Adding Products to a Trial Plan

You can add a product to a Trial Plan from either the TryOnify app or the Shopify Product page.

Method 1: Adding from the TryOnify App

After creating a Trial Plan, open the your Trial Plan in the TryOnify app and scroll to the bottom. You will see a section called "Products."

Click the "Browse" link in the top right and a product picker will appear.

Search for the name of your product in the "Filter Products" section and hit enter or click "Search." When the desired product appears in the result, click the checkbox next to the product and then click the "Done" button in the bottom right.

Your may add or remove multiple products from the list at the same time BUT if you click the forward or back buttons at the bottom of the popup before clicking "Done," you will lose your selections.

TIP: If your are struggling to find a product, copy and paste the product's title exactly form the Shopify product page.

Method 2: Adding from the Shopify Product Page

Open to the product's page in the Shopify Admin and scroll down to the "Purchase options" section near the button.

Click the "Add purchase option" link in the top right and choose "Select existing option." Then choose your Trial Plan from the dropdown and click the "Add to plan" button.

The product will now display the selected Trial Plan with the TryOnify logo.

To remove the product from the Trial Plan, click the "Remove" link.